About Versa-Mount, Inc.

Versa-Mount, Inc. was established on February 26, 1959 and was operated as a small manufacturer of take up frames. On December 29, 1982, Wayne Camp aquired Versa-Mount, Inc. and continued the company as Take Up Frame Manufacturer. During this time frame, Versa-Mount, Inc. started producing and adding ready keyed shafting as well as wing and drum pulleys. As of today, Versa-Mount, Inc. is a quality manufacturer of Take Up Frames, Non-Keyed Shafting, Fully Keyed Shafting in various steel specifications and wing and drum pulleys. Versa-Mount, Inc. can also turn down shafting to customers specifications and has quantity production of steel parts and miscellaneous steel fabrications.

Our Mission

Versa-Mount, Inc. is committed to becoming the leading manufacturer of steel fabricated and conveyor components, that exceed industry standards. We are committed to expanding into new markets and high-quality products that exceed our customer's expectations. Please email us a request for quote.